Chinese lesson 3 – A Frog at the Bottom of A Well (井底之蛙)

A Chinese Idiom:
A frog at the bottom of a well. (井底之蛙)
It’s a negative character, a person with limited vision.

Working as designers, we need to learn how to deal with design criticisms and not to limit our visions.

Jade learned:

1. Don’t take hurtful criticisms too personally. Overreact to the criticisms doesn’t help improve the design at all.

2. Criticism is part of the design process. It’s great to have others reviewing our work and offering their valuable and helpful, and using it to shape and improve your design.

Jade used to take criticisms very personally.

Client A:” What kind of typeface are you using here for the logo… it’s awful..!”
Jade: “I have my own reason to use it! I’ve been designing for years…(idiot)”


Jade was overreacting to the situation and prevent her from leaning!

What should she do then?

1. Explain the reason of the design to the client: I used the typo for it’s friendly and legible.

2. Get to know more about client’s needs and use it to help improve the design: their company culture, target audiences…

3. Be honest to yourself and look for the truth in it: why isn’t it good?

4. Focus on the good aspects that keep yourselves motivated: the colors and compose you’re having of the logo are great;

5. Accept a thing than fully: ignore some of the criticisms if they’re not helpful.

Don’t be like a frog at the bottom of a well (井底之蛙)- always think you’re always right, you’re the master!
Opening up to criticisms, don’t get pissed off and remove the personal.
Keep asking, learning and designing.
Don’t limited your vision and you will be there!

Jade loves criticisms!


About Jade Liang

This blog is created by Jade Liang - a cross-cultural graphic, web designer. Jade has been spending her life lived in Shanghai, Amsterdam and now in San Francisco pursuing her dreams and interests in design and art. Her daily life starts with a fresh cup of green tea as well as a pile of "strange" ideas. This blog is all about art, design and lifestyle that Jade finds in her everyday life. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!
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