Love being around ___ people (fill in the blank)

I LOVE being around {positive + creative + fun + motivated + engaging} people!



You can gain:
{Energy + Idea + Inspiration + Motivation…} from EACH OTHER.
You will encourage + inspire each other to get things done.

For example:
Today I had lunch with my design supervisor who is an energetic + positive person.
I learned to take things step by step + plan ahead:
When design, have a couple of ideas on mind.
If idea A can’t go through due to a short deadline, switch to idea B which consumes less time right away, but to combine some parts of the idea A so that you can keep your original design concept.

During the lunch, she also provided lots of great ideas for my sustainability design project.

See, an one-hour lunch grant us laughs, inspirations, and positive energy that light up your day.

Now, it’s your turn, tell me your answer below.
YOU love being around {?} people.

Don’t tell me you want to hang out with negative people.
To me, that just a lie.
I’m sorry to say so.
But we just want to be honest to ourselves that we need “sunshine” – a key element for our daily life.
“Sunshine” is not only a literally “SUNSHINE” here, but also the energy, the passion, the motivation, and so on.

Be a happy

+ positive person and surround yourself with happy people,
and your cheerful heart will have a continual feast.

{Send this to your negative friends or families when needed.}


About Jade Liang

This blog is created by Jade Liang - a cross-cultural graphic, web designer. Jade has been spending her life lived in Shanghai, Amsterdam and now in San Francisco pursuing her dreams and interests in design and art. Her daily life starts with a fresh cup of green tea as well as a pile of "strange" ideas. This blog is all about art, design and lifestyle that Jade finds in her everyday life. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!
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