An Inch of Land is Worth an Inch of Gold

In Hongkong, a family of five live in an apartment smaller than 1000 sq ft (friend’s resource), compared to the average home size of 2,330 sq ft in the US (National Association of Home Builders, 2004).

Shanghai, just like Hongkong, is a city where an inch of land, is worth an inch of gold as the saying goes.

I was born in Shanghai, China. I remember when I was little, although we didn’t have a 4000 sq ft house, I was fortunate enough to have my own bedroom while most of my friends still shared a bed (yes, a bed) with their parents or siblings in a tiny room.

Many years later, many people in Shanghai still live in very tiny space because of the rising housing price. Many adult children return to live with parents or even grandparents after graduate from colleges. Some young couples live with their parents until they can get settled and able to afford their own home.

Now, the question would be: How to maximize my limited space for a big family?

My answer would be: Go find Gray Chang.

Gray Chang, an architecture based in HongKong, who transformed his 344 sq. ft apartment into 24 rooms by adding sliding panels and walls, which helps maximizing the space. He says, “the house transforms, and I’m always here. I don’t move, the house moves for me.” That’s why he calls his design as “Domestic Transformer.”

I was impressed when first time watched his amazing apartment on Youtube, I love it badly. It’s a smart and user-friendly design. But don’t take my words for now, go click and watch the clip and let me know how you think about this.

About Jade Liang

This blog is created by Jade Liang - a cross-cultural graphic, web designer. Jade has been spending her life lived in Shanghai, Amsterdam and now in San Francisco pursuing her dreams and interests in design and art. Her daily life starts with a fresh cup of green tea as well as a pile of "strange" ideas. This blog is all about art, design and lifestyle that Jade finds in her everyday life. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!
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