Echoes of the Rainbow

I got to know this movie from my HongKong friend. A statement “This is definitely my favorite recent HK movie!” stir my curiosity. I took the words with his two thumbs up as a bonus to watch the “Echos of the Rainbow” (DVD).

It’s a 112 minutes long movie, elaborates a real story in late 60s of Hongkong. The movie is touching, about a family faces all the life challenges including economic difficulty and death but still holds the hope and faith to live happily…

I don’t want to say much, will leave it for you to experience the great moments of tears and laughs.


Release Date: 11 March 2010
Origin : Hong Kong
Genre: Drama
Director : Alex Law(罗启锐)
Starring:Sandra Ng(吴君如),Simon Yam(任达华), Buzz Chung(钟绍图), Aarif Lee(李治廷) , Evelyn Choi(蔡颖恩), Paul Chun(秦沛) , Alfred Cheung(张坚庭) ,Joe Cheung(张同祖) ,Ann Hui(许鞍华)

Translation/summarized by themissingpiece from

The film uses the sad but longing 1960s old Hong Kong as its backdrop. The story follows the travels of a small family – the father (Simon Yam), a shoemaker who makes new shoes everyday but yet always wears a pair of broken shoes, the optimistic and protective mother (Sandra Ng); the oldest son (Aarif Lee) – smart, athletic and optimistic about the future and love and the younger son (Chung Siu To) who is curious, can recite his alphabet backwards, and has the ability to make his parents laugh. As a family, they live in old Hong Kong marked by the East-West cultural mix and the rich and the poor co-existing together. The film follows how the family faces life’s challenges, ups and downs, and the tears within laughter, and the laughter within tears.

Through the lead characters and stories, we will travel back to the old Hong Kong and re-experience it..



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