Met Fail Whale Creator Yiying Lu

After a long day work, I was so excited to meet my friend Yiying Lu, a great Chinese born Australian artist, the creator of Twitter’s “Fail Whale”.  Tonight Yiying had her first North American exhibition in San Francisco. The show was also an opening party for Wall360, a start-up (prints and sells wall graphics) Yiying co-founded.

It’s a raining day, I need something colorful and I found my sunshine at Yiying’s exhibition. 🙂

Walking into Des Art Hotel, the lobby has been decorated like a small gallery where Yiying’s work were exhibited. Unlike other exhibitions,  instead of hanging artists’ work in gallery, Yiying’s work were actually printed on self-adhesive fabric stickers and stuck directly on the wall. You can peel off those stickers (art work) and stick them back on the wall, just for fun! According to Jason Weisenthal, also the co-founder of Wall360, this particular fabric paper can be repositioned (remove and stick on) up to 100 times without damaging any surfaces of your wall (or anything). I bet kids will love to play with these graphic wall paper (a.k.a stickers).

Yiying Lu exhibition in Des Art Hotel SF

Me and Wall360 co-founder Jason Weisenthal

Yiying was sticking her art work on me to make me the best outfit of the night.

Besides of Yiying’s amazing symbolic animal and tangrams,  there’re two art pieces at the show really caught my eyes (see below). The “We Love Conan” and “Guy Kawasaki” really made me think that the artist probably has had gradually shifted her art direction to democratize art. Or, is it only for Americans’ eye? 🙂 But well done!

We Love Conan by YiYing Lu

"Guy Kawasaki" by Yiying Lu

Yiying and her “Fail Whale” (the image that appears whenever Twitter site is down)  are very well known to many geeks. Surprisely, a lot of users are actually love downtime because they will be able to see the ‘Fail Whale’ more.

Fail Whale - by Yiying Lu

Yiying’s unique and simply style make me fall in love with her work. Her symbolic animal illustrations help me recall my childhood and simply lighten up my day like sunshine. Here are some of Yiying’s art work, enjoy!

Tangrams by Yiying Lu

Illustration by Yiying Lu

Illustration by Yiying Lu

Last but not least, happy birthday girl and congrats to your debut to San Francisco!


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2 Responses to Met Fail Whale Creator Yiying Lu

  1. Jason W says:

    Jade- Great blog post! It was a pleasure meeting you last night. Thanks for taking the time to write this!!

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