Secrets of Steve Job’s Success

Steve Jobs, one of the most remarkable people in the world. Apple, the world’s leading company. I just love Apple and its products. More Apple stuff I own, more I want to know how Job shapes Apple’s business to make it so successfully.

Recently, I read this article about an interview with Apple’s ex-CEO John Sculley (by Leander Kahney). During the interview, Sculley first time talked publicly about Steve Jobs and his secrets of being successful.

It’s kind of ironic for me to read the article after listened to Job’s second story “Love and lost” at his 2005 Stanford Commencement speech. “How can you get fired from a company you started?”… He is still mad.

Anyways, here are 12 secrets that Sculley brought up about Steve. Ready to be inspired.

1. Beautiful design – Apple was not about designing computer but about designing products, designing marketing and designing positioning.

2. Customer experience –  an end-to-end system that involves supply chain, the marketing and the stores.

3. No focus groups – One one can give the feedback on something that he/she never seen before, so why bother?

4. Perfectionism A perfectionist – always focus on detail.

5. Vision “Personal computers can change the world.”

6. Minimalism Simplified, simplified and simplified.

7. Hire the best Teamed up with great people – Steve personally chose the best and smartest people to join his team.

8. Sweat the details Big vision with the details – from designing and producing a product, software, system to its peripheral products.

9. Keep it small Small team generates high-efficiency – no more than 100 people on the Mac team.

10. Reject bad work “It’s just not good enough. – Steve force people to produce the work that they never thought they were capable of.”

11. perfection Steve has a great taste

12. System thinker Again, Apple’s end-to-end system.

Read more: “John Sculley: The Secrets of Steve Jobs’ Success” by Leander Kahney

One thing Sculley didn’t cover here was Job’s PASSION. Steve Jobs loves what he’s doing.

  • “To love what you do. if you haven’t found yet, keep looking, don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs
  • “Follow your heart to know what you truly want to be. “- Steve Jobs
  • “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” – Steve Jobs

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2 Responses to Secrets of Steve Job’s Success

  1. lidiako says:

    No focus group? Now he is enough popular so he doesn’t need to be concern too much about his target customer.

    • Jade Liang says:

      @Lidiako, that’s a good point! But on the other hand, Apple’s products are very user-friendly, he must have had done something to make this happen, isn’t it? I dunno how accurate the interview is tho.

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