[eco blog]My very first Starbucks Tumbler


My first Starbucks Tumbler

Two years ago, I got my first Starbucks tumbler and started growing my eco-friendly habit.

The tumbler was made with 28% post-consumer recycled content (recyclable), nice designed pattern (important for a designer like myself) and a free coffee caramel cappuccino when purchasing it (awesomeness!)

Wait, not only that, you will also get 10 cents off when you refill your coffee with the tumbler.

It’s a great way to represent the eco-friendly life style and smart way to promote Starbucks. For those coffee lovers, drinkers especially, using the tumbler will definitely save your wallet.

Green living!


About Jade Liang

This blog is created by Jade Liang - a cross-cultural graphic, web designer. Jade has been spending her life lived in Shanghai, Amsterdam and now in San Francisco pursuing her dreams and interests in design and art. Her daily life starts with a fresh cup of green tea as well as a pile of "strange" ideas. This blog is all about art, design and lifestyle that Jade finds in her everyday life. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!
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