{Culture} I am a Hong Kong Girl with 公主病 (Gung Jyuh Behng)

I am going to HK in weeks so I started picking up my Cantoness. I found this video through my friend. After watching it, I prayerfully hope that I am not going to be infected by this 公主病 (Gung Jyuh Behng) while traveling in HK.

If this is really the way how HK girls talk and act…. poor HK guys then. But seriously, I never seen my HK female friends talking like this here… hmmmm, I guess they probably have a different target group – those hot American boys.

Oh boy, I can’t stop laughing. Let’s review these Cantonese words before I take off:

公主病: Gung Jyuh Behng

你愛唔愛我呀?Do you love me?

你點解愛我呀?Why do you love me?

你有幾愛我呀?How much do you love me?

(My favorite one, hilarious) 我同你阿媽一齊跌落海你救邊個先呀?If your mum and I fell into the sea at the same time, who would you save first?

你點解不打電話我呀?我等著你好耐拉。Why didn’t you callll me? I’ve been waiting forever!

我要LV咯,我要Gucci咯, 你快點買備我咯。Hurry up and buy things for me. I want LV and Gucci.


About Jade Liang

This blog is created by Jade Liang - a cross-cultural graphic, web designer. Jade has been spending her life lived in Shanghai, Amsterdam and now in San Francisco pursuing her dreams and interests in design and art. Her daily life starts with a fresh cup of green tea as well as a pile of "strange" ideas. This blog is all about art, design and lifestyle that Jade finds in her everyday life. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!
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2 Responses to {Culture} I am a Hong Kong Girl with 公主病 (Gung Jyuh Behng)

  1. Lidia says:

    Hi Jade. How’s your trip?

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