What should I get for him?

Valentines day is around the corner, oh actually today it is.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!

Now, I have this burning question: What’s a girl give to a guy at V-day? What should I get for my valentine? I guess I have 12 hours to make something happen. =p

To me, valentine’s Day is not about money but more about love so I’ve decided not to buy anything expensive for him. I want to pick out a creative and meaningful gift.

What about baking him something? hmmm… but it’s already midnight, I’d better not to make any noises in the kitchen to wake my roommate up. What about write him a poem? No way, I can’t even blog well…

Does he like a Teddy Bear + Chocolate? I wish.. but no, that’s actually what I really want….Oh boy.. what should I get for him?

I hope this video can give me some inspirations….

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100 things to eat before you die

Living in a multi-cultural city like San Francisco, we are blessed to have a variety of food such as Chinese food (it’s surely important to me), Mexican, Japanese (oh yeah) and Italian, etc. As a foodie, my daily habit is to discover food in my neighborhood and explore myself to something new.

But my favorite one is always sushi… no no, I am not a Japanese but working with a bunch of 日本人。

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Today, I found this on 7X7SF -100 things to try before you die. I am drooling, who wants to try them out with me?

  1. Ma Po Tofu @ Mission Chinese Food
  2. Roast Chicken with Bread Salad @ Zuni Cafe
  3. Coffee-Rubbed Pork Shoulder @ Range Restaurant
  4. Carnitas Taco @ La Taqueria
  5. Chasu Ramen @ Katana-ya
  6. Puka Punch @ Smuggler’s Cove
  7. Morning Bun @ Tartine Bakery
  8. Crab with Cellophane Noodles @ The Slanted Door
  9. Eggs in Jail @ Outerlands
  10. Hamburguesa @ Don Pisto’s
  11. Pork Sugo with Pappardelle @ Delfina
  12. Porchetta Sandwich @ Roli Roti at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market
  13. Xiao Long Bao @ Shanghai Dumpling King
  14. Warm Egg Salad Sandwich @ Il Cane Rosso
  15. Seasonal Sorbet @ Scream Sorbet (Ferry Building Marketplace)
  16. Katsu Curry @ Muracci’s Japanese Grill
  17. Pizza Margherita @ Pizzeria Delfina
  18. $24 prix fixe @ Cotogna
  19. Thousand year old quail egg @ Benu
  20. Salumi Misti Plate @ Perbacco
  21. Tonkotsu Ramen @ Izakaya Sozai
  22. Roasted Pork Banh Mi @ Saigon Sandwiches
  23. Strong beer @ Magnolia Pub & Brewery
  24. Loaf of Bread @ Tartine Bakery
  25. Pistachio meatballs @ Zare At Fly Trap
  26. Spicy baby octopus stew @ La Ciccia Restaurant
  27. Tuna Tartare and a Gin Martini @ Bix Restaurant
  28. Clam Chowder @ Anchor Oyster Bar
  29. Tuna Tostada @ Tacolicious
  30. Pupusas @ Balompie Cafe
  31. Prime Rib @ House of Prime Rib
  32. Steamed Bao With Pork Belly & Pickled Daikon @ Chairman Bao Truck
  33. The Little Star @ Little Star Pizza
  34. Burger @ Bar Tartine
  35. Salted Caramel Ice Cream @ Bi-Rite Creamery
  36. Soft garlic pretzels @ Absinthe Brasserie & Bar
  37. Rotisserie Chicken @ Limon Peruvian Rotisserie
  38. burger and fries @ Spruce
  39. Paper Masala Dosa @ Dosa
  40. Pierna Enchilada Torta @ La Torta Gorda
  41. Ahi Tuna Burger @ Gott’s Roadside (Formerly Taylor’s Automatic Refresher)
  42. Pho Ga @ Turtle Tower Restaurant
  43. Tortilla Soup @ Chilango
  44. Beer Sausage @ Rosamunde Sausage Grill
  45. duck larb @ Lers Ros Thai Noodles
  46. Secret Breakfast Ice Cream @ Humphry Slocombe
  47. Chips and Salsa @ Papalote Mexican Grill
  48. Belgian Waffle @ Blue Bottle Café
  49. Ginger Snaps @ Miette Cakes
  50. Belgian Beer @ Monk’s Kettle
  51. Maccaronara with Ricotta Salata @ A16
  52. Carnitas @ Nopalito
  53. The Laphroaig Project @ Rickhouse
  54. Spiced Chocolate Doughnut And Four Barrel Coffee @ Four Barrel Coffee
  55. Sweetwater Oysters @ Hog Island Oyster Co.
  56. Chicken Porridge @ Out the Door
  57. Sandwich No. 1 @ Lucca Delicatessen
  58. Pork shoulder fried rice @ Sai Jai Thai Restaurant
  59. Hamburger @ 4505 Meats (Ferry Building Thursday & Saturday Market)
  60. Huarache with Cactus Salad @ El Huarache Loco
  61. Egg Custard Tart @ Golden Gate Bakery
  62. Dim Sum @ Ton Kiang Hakka Cuisine
  63. Pozole @ San Jalisco
  64. Sand Dabs @ Tadich Grill
  65. Cookies-and-Cream Cookie and Milk @ Anthony’s Cookies
  66. Pig Parts @ Incanto Restaurant
  67. Meatloaf Sandwich @ Fatted Calf
  68. Foccacia @ Liguria Bakery
  69. Omakase @ Sebo
  70. Shanghai Buck @ Heaven’s Dog
  71. Fried Green Beans @ COCO500
  72. popovers @ Wayfare Tavern
  73. Corned Beef Sandwich with Gruyere @ The Sentinel
  74. Eggs Benedict @ Zazie
  75. Super Carne Asada Burrito @ El Farolito
  76. Onion Strings @ Alfred’s Steak House
  77. fried chicken @ Foreign Cinema
  78. Apple Fritter @ Bob’s Donut & Pastry Shop
  79. Fried Shrimp Po’ Boy @ Brendas French Soul Food
  80. Chicken Hash @ Ella’s Restaurant
  81. Pickled egg with a Manhattan @ Comstock Saloon
  82. Margarita @ Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant
  83. Curry Bun @ Sandbox Bakery
  84. Cheese Slice @ Arinell Pizza Inc
  85. Sesame Balls @ Yank Sing Restaurant
  86. Buckwheat Crepe with French Cider @ Ti Couz Creperie
  87. Coconut Buns @ Kings Bakery Cafe
  88. Lettuce Cups @ Betelnut
  89. Korean Taco @ Namu (Ferry Building Farmer’s Market)
  90. Albondigas Soup @ Mijita
  91. Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog @ Mission, San Francisco, CA
  92. Lumberjack Cake @ Frances
  93. Seven Courses of Beef @ Pagolac
  94. Irish Coffee @ Buena Vista Cafe
  95. 3 AM Bowl of Caldo Verde Soup @ Grubstake
  96. Ube Ice Cream @ Mitchell’s Ice Cream
  97. Lamb Schawerma @ Truly Mediterranean
  98. Chicken Curry Lunch Special @ Punjab Kabab House
  99. Fried Chicken and Waffles @ Little Skillet
  100. Cracked Whole Roasted Dungeness Crab @ Swan Oyster Depot

    Click here for more details.

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    I got hit by Facebook profile picture hack

    Lately I was introduced to some cool profile pictures. No no, they are not regular profile pictures as you and I have on Facebook, but those very smart ones!  You guessed right, it is “Facebook profile picture hack”.

    One of my favorite profile hacks.

    The hack made the world different. People have been playing around this new feature creating those unique pictures to impress the world.

    I’m a very curious person who always want to learn new things. So, see what I found for you –  a step-by-step Fackbook profile picture hacks guide (Click here yay~). You will be amazed at how creative you are and how easy it can be.

    Playing around the hack on my FB wall - Subway in Paris

    Just for fun

    Are you ready? Go make your own and wow the world!

    Check Mashable‘s collections here for more inspirations. 🙂

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    [Eco-friendly] Creativity turned taxi seats to designed tote bags

    I love tote bags, not only are they eco-friendly, they also carry lots of great designs. Designers use recycled materials to make bags in order to help the environment.

    Today, while looking up Hong kong travel tips, I found this interesting article on CNN Go. Two intelligent designers Joseph Ng and Billy Potts formed a company named Handsome Bag Company which sells tote bags made from salvaged taxi seats.

    Like yellow cabs in NYC, Hong kong has its iconic red taxis. “It’s the unsung hero of Hong Kong,” says Joseph Ng. “And the workhorse of the city,” says Billy Potts. In Hong kong, taxi seats need to be replaced every few years. The Handsome Bag company recycles discarded seat parts and seat belts for making all these eco-friendly bags.

    A lawyer and an architect by the day, “trash pickers”, designers and entrepreneurs by night, Joseph and Billy work hard on looking for raw materials for their bags.

    I wonder if these bags smell. 😀

    Anyway, I’m going to HK soon, the red taxi handsome tote bag will be a great souvenir to add to my tote bag collection. Can’t wait!!

    handsome bag companyhong kong bags made from taxishandsome bag companyhandsome bag companyhandsome bag company

    Read more: click here

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    [Bilingual eco blog] No Impact Man

    No Impact Man

    Just finished the holiday season, I saw tons of wasted Christmas trees laying on the street, lots of wrapping paper from White Elephant parties and all the material stuffs from Black Friday. Another green movement, a book called “No Impact Man” by Colin Beavan that I read last year really challenges me. I need to start rethinking about how I can live a “No Impact” or “Less Impact” life to help our environment.

    If you have no time to read this book due to your crazy schedule, a documentation was made for movie lovers (DVD is available here). Check out the author Colin Beavan’s office website to find our how he and his family (wife and a 2 yo daughter) spent years to have a “No Impact” lifestyle.

    “Author Colin Beavan (No Impact Man, Fingerprints, Operation Jedburgh), in research for his book, began the No Impact Project in November 2006. A newly self-proclaimed environmentalist who could no longer avoid pointing the finger at himself, Colin leaves behind his liberal complacency for a vow to make as little environmental impact as possible for one year. No more automated transportation, no more electricity, no more non-local food, no more material consumption…no problem. That is, until his espresso-guzzling, gretail-worshippin wife Michelle Conlin and their two-year-old daughter Isabella are dragged into the fray. Filmmakers Laura Gabbert and Justin Schein provide a front row seat into the familial strains and strengthened bonds that result from Colin’s and Michelle’s struggle with this radical lifestyle change. “

    San  Francisco Landmark Theatres上映同期,书也出版了。
    作家 Colin Beavan 于2006年11月开始了一个名为 ’No Impact’ “没有影响”的项目,期间他在为他的新书做调查准备的工作。
    Colin, 作为一名自称为环境保护论者开始将矛头指向他自己。他誓言要在一年里尽可能地减少自己对环境的影响。不再使用自动化的交通工具,不再使用电器,不再食用非当地产的食物,没有物质消费。。。没有问题。直到他的妻子Michelle Conlin 和他们两岁的女儿Isabella快要崩溃的时候,他们才停止这样的生活。

    Source: http://www.noimpactdoc.com/index_m.php


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    10 iphone apps for music lovers

    I’m a music enthusiast, now using My Artists ($1.99) for daily entertaining. My Artists offers its users a free trial version before you buy it.

    Today, I’m so excited to find 10 more iPhone music apps for you guys through Mashable!

    Hope you like them and let me know which one you will get. 🙂 Time to rock & roll!

    My Artist (www.topdrawerapps.tumblr.com)

    1. Audiogalaxy Mobile

    audiogalaxy image

    2. sir Sampleton

    sir sampleton image

    3.ooTunes Radio

    ooTunes Radio image

    4. Earworms

    earworms image

    5. SoundHound

    soundhound image

    6. TuneWiki

    tunewiki image

    7. Concert Vault

    concert vault image

    8. Local Concerts

    local concerts

    9. Top 100s by Year

    top 100 image

    10. Adaptunes

    adaptunes image

    Source: Mashable

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    [Bilingual eco blog] Green Living in Shanghai

    50 reasons why Shanghai is No.1 50个喜欢上海的理由

    I’m planning a trip back to my hometown – Shanghai. I haven’t been back for centuries, hopefully I won’t get sick this time. Yes, I get sick every time when I visit the city because of the air and water pollution. Good new is that Shanghai has been doing good job in improving its air quality and banning plastic bags is one of the biggest movements since 2008.

    The city started banning ultra-thin plastic bags and charge regular plastic bags on June 2008. Now, the trend of ‘go greener’ are being promoted in the city, some people have already made the next step of behavioral change. They agree that the green move corresponds to their personal needs. However, some are still delaying their behavioral changes in time or conditional.

    Lately, CNNgo published the 50 reasons why Shanghai is the greatest city in the world. Green living is the 40th reason. Many eco-conscious designers in Shanghai are leading the way to a greener lifestyle by promoting the concepts and ideas of eco-friendly and sustainable products. Nuomi is one of them. As an eco-conscious fashion designer, she is doing recycled and organic couture such as chemical-free undyed baby clothes, bamboo evening gowns softer than silk, and hip purses made from recycled billboard paper.

    Source: World’s Greatest City: 50 reasons why Shanghai is No. 1



    Oh last but not least, I accidentally found this great example of eco movement in Shanghai. A Christmas tree named “Cover Tree” in 2010 Christmas – creative + eco-friendly. I love it.

    Check out this blog www.shanghaiscrap.com for more information.

    Cover Tree - 2010 Christmas tree in Shanghai

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