Which Earonic would you get?

EARonic iPhone Case

Can’t get enough of those cool iPhone 4 case in the market: Paul Frank, Hello Kitty, classic iPhone cassette tape case or some custom ones like Trexta paper back case which allows you to design your own case? Well, now it’s time to get something even more brilliant – the EARonic iPhone case which looks like your ears.

After reviewing their product line, here’s my burning question: when are they going to come up with some Asian ears at different angles?

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Campusfork iPhone App – Share food photos

Campusfork iPhone App

If you know me well, you may know I love food. A UI designer by the day, a foodie and food photographer by the night. It’s me who eats everywhere from Hong Kong to Paris, from Shanghai to San Francisco.

I love taking food photos and sharing them with my friends. When friends ask me where to get dinner or dessert for their first dates. I will just pull out my food photos to help them make sweet decisions. I believe a picture is worth a thousand words.

The site I’ve been using to upload my food photos just released an iPhone app that makes me very excited. Now I can use my iPhone to upload food photos and share them on Facebook or Twitter instantly. Not only that, the ‘Nearby’ feature of this Campusfork iPhone Application also helps me search for a local restaurants near me.

Here are some key features:
● Find dishes using NEARBY feature
● One-page fast restaurant photo upload page
● Compete on LEADER BOARD by gaining Hot Points
● Use RETRO filter to add character to food photos
● Share photos to Facebook or Twitter
FOLLOW feature keeps track of dishes your friends are eating
● Send your feedback, ideas, to info@campusfork.com

Click here to download the free app if you are a foodie like me or enjoy taking and sharing food photos.

Campusfork - Campusfork

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Do you need a new organ like this?

Japan is not only well-known for its manga but also the technology (Hi tech). From Sony to Panasonic, to Hitachi and Fujitsu, all these electronics brands are already familiar to us. Today, I found something even more special and creative from the country – introducing “Necomimi“. This is not a costume for Halloween nor a headband from Forever21! It is a new human’s organ!

Necomimi” is a new communication tool that uses brain wave sensor with its cat ear shape to express your emotions before you start talking. The cat’s ear shaped machine reacts different when you are in different mood. When you are concentrating, the new “ears” will rise; and they will lie down when you are relaxed. It sounds interesting to me but question is whether we are ready to show our real feelings. How do you feel about having this new “ears” on and letting them tell your friend that you’re bored with his topic?

The design of “Necominmi” looks cute on girls but I’m not sure about guys. All the gentlemen here, would you wear it if someone gets one for your birthday? BE HONEST. Meow~~~ Meow~~~

The product will be released in the end of this year.
Click their website neurowear.net for more updated information.

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Can’t be smaller – the bedroom is under balcony

No need to say anything here. Get ready to see how the designer transformed this 258 square foot apartment into infinite spaces. It’s amazing!

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Handsome bag 俊記


With Billy Potts from Handsome Bag

Remember I blogged about the eco-friendly tote bag made from salvaged taxi seats in Hong Kong a while ago and wanted to get one when I traveled to Hong Kong? Yep, that’s right, I made my 2nd visit to Hong Kong early this month to fulfill my “mission” – getting my “baby” back to SF!

World is not as big as we think, it’s actually a small place where people are bumping into each other… On the first day of my arrival in HK, my friend Jay surprised me with a great news that he actually was a friend of Billy Potts, one of the founders of Handsome Bag Company and we were going to meet him up later. Wow, what a small world + what an awesome coincidence! 🙂

Long story short, I got my Helen Tote from Handsome Bag at $850 HKD ($110 USD) and I got both of Billy and Joseph signed on my bag.

———————————————  Corrections  ———————————————

Sorry guys, I need to make some corrections here and my apology goes out to both my audiences and Handsome Bag.

The tote I purchased from Handsome Bag WAS NOT a Helen Tote, it’s actually Melanie Messenger bag, a new model which haven’t been released widely yet or put on the site, according to Billy, and I was lucky enough to be the second person to own one. 🙂 Sorry about the confusion!

———————————————  Corrections  ———————————————

I love the tote! The bag itself is just awesome, not only is it a stylish tote for everyday use, it fits my Macbook Pro 15″ and A4 sketch book easily. I am also a fan of their two big side pockets sitting on inside of the bag which make the large sized tote more organized. By the way, the bag does not smell like a cab at all. :p

Billy + Joseph, thanks for your awesome idea and congrats on your recent Perspective Magazine 40 Under 40 Award.

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Vacation ends, jet lag hits me

It’s been a while since my previous entry. Where have I been?

Well, I had this unexpected long vacation in China for seven weeks. Yes, I was so lucky to take off for such a long time.

After moved to the States from Europe for 4.5 year, I finally decided to visit my hometown Shanghai and (on the way to) HongKong (a dreamed city I always wanted to visit) in the past month. The original plan of my 3-week vacation was broken, instead, I extended it to 7 weeks. I have to say that I was so blessed to get to spend some quality time with my families and old friends, and most importantly to meet some new friends during the time.  It’s an awesome, eyes opened journey!

I can’t wait to share more details here but seriously need to catch up some work + sleep first. My jet lag just hits me harder than a jalapeño margarita even though I’ve loaded up on two coffee at work. 😦 I still feel like I am in the dream.

Enjoy some first-hand pictures. More later. 再见。

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{Culture} I am a Hong Kong Girl with 公主病 (Gung Jyuh Behng)

I am going to HK in weeks so I started picking up my Cantoness. I found this video through my friend. After watching it, I prayerfully hope that I am not going to be infected by this 公主病 (Gung Jyuh Behng) while traveling in HK.

If this is really the way how HK girls talk and act…. poor HK guys then. But seriously, I never seen my HK female friends talking like this here… hmmmm, I guess they probably have a different target group – those hot American boys.

Oh boy, I can’t stop laughing. Let’s review these Cantonese words before I take off:

公主病: Gung Jyuh Behng

你愛唔愛我呀?Do you love me?

你點解愛我呀?Why do you love me?

你有幾愛我呀?How much do you love me?

(My favorite one, hilarious) 我同你阿媽一齊跌落海你救邊個先呀?If your mum and I fell into the sea at the same time, who would you save first?

你點解不打電話我呀?我等著你好耐拉。Why didn’t you callll me? I’ve been waiting forever!

我要LV咯,我要Gucci咯, 你快點買備我咯。Hurry up and buy things for me. I want LV and Gucci.

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